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TC Electronic Combo Deluxe 65' Dual-Channel Guitar Preamp

This original tube amp with legendary reverb ranks among the world’s most sought-after vintage combos and is likely one of the most recorded amps in music history – for good reason. It sounds amazing! But it’s rare, and if you find one it likely comes with a price tag to match. However, there are other ways for you to get your hands – and feet – on this iconic guitar tone.


TC Electronic's passionate and guitar-playing team of engineers set out to faithfully recreate the original amp with the painstaking accuracy and attention to detail that only guitar players with actual hands-on experience with the original amp can achieve. At the heart of COMBO DELUXE 65’, their AMPWORX modeling technology works its magic, carefully recreating the classic guitar tone that’s the sum of each and every component from the circuit of the original. The result? The best and most precise digital amp modeling of this famous amp you have ever run your guitar through.

When released in 1965, the original amp featured a dual-spring GIBBS tank embedded in a tube-based transformer circuit for generating the reverb sound we all know and love. To nail that sound, they took the very same original GIBBS unit and extracted a high-resolution 4-second impulse response, using a zero-latency convolution engine combined with detailed circuit modeling - they faithfully recreated that sweet, original reverb. In addition, TC Electronic added a Reverb ‘tone control’, (which was not on the original amp), in case you want to tailor it for your style of playing. If you just want nothing but the original tone, just leave at 12 ‘o’ clock and you’re good to go!


  • Guitar preamp pedal faithfully recreates the tone, touch and feel of a 1965 Blackface Reverb Deluxe tube amp

  • Two channels with independent gain, volume, EQ and Reverb controls for all-American vintage tone

  • Built-in 4 second convolution spring reverb, taken directly from an original blackface deluxe GIBBS reverberation unit spring tank. Includes adjustable, set it and forget it, Reverb Tone control on the back panel

  • Added MIDDLE control modification based on the MIDDLE knob of a blackface twin reverb amplifier

  • Bright switch mod adds additional sparkle and bite for when you really want to cut heads

  • Dedicated DI output, equipped with official Celestion 1x12 G12M Creamback cab sim IR, turns your pedalboard into a gig-ready rig direct to PA system or audio interface for recording

  • Dedicated headphone output, equipped with official Celestion 1x12 G12M Creamback cab sim IR, for huge tube amp tones and practice sessions that won’t disturb your neighbors

  • Optional bypass or always on channel change footswitch modes

  • Groundbreaking TC AMPWORX modeling technology provides low latency, huge dynamic range and feels like the real deal

  • Perfect pedalboard-friendly pedal platform takes drive pedals like a champ

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