Acoustic Bass Guitars

All about that bass: how an acoustic bass guitar can improve your playing and gigging

An acoustic bass guitar with a deep sound is one of the greatest instruments you can pick up. For first-timers, it’s an excellent way to practice at home without worrying about cables and amps, and for those more advanced, you’ll improve technique and have an option for unplugged live gigs.

When you buy an acoustic bass guitar online, you’ll find a description of the acoustic bass you’re interested in, and can browse the specifications to get a feel for its construction and playability. Our built-in filters will help you narrow down your search, with options for four-stringed and five-stringed instruments, brand, body type and a sliding price scale so you can see which options fit your budget. You’ll find your acoustic bass will achieve a tone that an electric one won’t.

Why do I need an acoustic bass in my life?

Adding an acoustic bass guitar to your collection of instruments is a real investment in your playing proficiency. An acoustic bass won’t output as much sound as its electric counterpart, so you’ll need to be more accurate and bold in your playing.

What it does do is put out more sound than an unplugged electric bass, so it’s great for practicing those walking bass lines, scales and arpeggio patterns at home. In our range, you’ll find acoustic and hollow-body options, alongside acoustic/electric hybrids for those who want to be able to switch between the two. We’ve put together a collection of acoustic bass guitars from the world’s most recognised brands, including Fender, Ibanez and Sigma. We have four-stringed instruments, and five-strings too with a wider neck that offers a greater range of notes for scales, arpeggios and chords than four-strings.

Whether you’re picking up the acoustic bass guitar for the first time, or are a seasoned player with a live gig residency, there are some bits and pieces you’ll need to complete your set up. Our range of accessories includes:

  • Straps
  • Picks
  • Stands
  • Strings
  • Cases.

If you are hitting the road with your acoustic bass guitar, we recommend picking up a hard case that will protect it against the inevitable bumps and bashes. If you’re heading out locally, to lessons or jam sessions, pick up a soft gig back that’s lightweight and versatile.

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