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    Sky Music: The best place to get a DI Box in Australia

    DI stands for Direct Input, and DI boxes are one of the most misunderstood pieces of gear there is. Simply put, when you’re onstage, this little box allows you to send balanced output from your electric guitar or bass to the mixing desk, and an unprocessed signal to your amplifier.

    In a professional or home-based recording studio, you can record both signals coming out of your instrument, which means you have the original signal available for re-amping or adding extra texture when mixing. We’re confident we’ve got the best di box for your guitar or bass, but we’ve also set up our online store with search filters to make the process a whole lot easier for you. Choose between premium brands such as DBX, Kemper and Radial, and choose between a passive or active model. You can also check if the chosen DI box is in stock to avoid disappointment.