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    Your guide for buying guitar strings online

    If you’re not a seasoned professional or advanced player, buying guitar strings online might be a daunting task. Here at Sky Music, we stock more than 140 types of guitar strings, so we can understand that might be a little overwhelming. Our friendly team of experts are here to help.

    Within our extensive collection, you’ll find acoustic guitar strings with warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tones. There are electric guitar strings with higher break strength, enhanced tuning stability, and accentuated mid-range frequency response, and bass guitar strings with a combination of gauges for comfortable playing tension, distinctive bright tone, and powerful, tight low end. D’Addario’s classical guitar strings are great for beginners, students and professionals. We also recommend considering the body type of your guitar, whether you’re fingerpicking or using hard strummings, and the desired tone you’re looking for.

    Which guitar strings are best for my experience level and my instrument?

    The right guitar strings are the key to bringing the best sound out of your instrument, so it’s important to choose wisely. If this sounds like too much pressure, don’t fret (no pun intended). We’ve included packs of strings from iconic manufacturers that suit all guitar types and playing styles.

    There are a few points to take into consideration when selecting the best guitar strings for you and your playing style. You’ll become familiar with light gauge and heavy gauge strings, and these are basically aligned with your level of proficiency. Light gauge strings are easier to one the fingers, making bending and fretting easier but keep in mind they will break more easily. Heavy gauge strings produce more volume and sustain, but are harder to play and will exert more tension on your guitar’s neck so keep them away from those vintage instruments.

    The selection of guitar strings you’ll find online at Sky Music have been hand-picked by our team of experts from the world’s best manufacturers. We want the best sound for you, and we’ve considered all the important points when choosing our suppliers, which include:

    • Elixir
    • d’Addario
    • Ernie Ball
    • Rotosound
    • Martin.

    Guitar strings are just one item you’ll need in your set-up, so browse our collection of accessories to equip yourself for effective practicing, chilled-out jam sessions, campfire singalongs and professional live gigs played solo or as part of a band.

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