Guitar Hanger and Stands

Looking for a guitar stand? You’ve come to the right place

If you think you know everything about guitar stands, think again. The range of options at Sky Music are here to make sure you never have to lean your guitar against a wall or Marshall stack ever again. No more hiding your instruments in their cases: put them on display.

We’ve got one of the best collections of guitar stands in Australia. When you shop online with us, you can filter your search results by brand as well as price, and you’ll be able to check whether the item you want is in stock too. We’ve set this up so you can spend more time practicing licks and arpeggios. We’ve got electric guitar stands from Hebikuo that folds up neatly for gigs, and sleek, minimalist designs such as the PRS Floating Guitar Stand that’s been engineered for a more impressive display.

What should I look for in a guitar stand?

Your guitar stand is going to be holding your precious instrument, so it needs to be durable and made of materials that will support your axe without damaging it in any way. For this reason, we’ve selected options from the world’s best manufacturers of premium equipment.

Brands including Hebikuo, Hercules and PRS are available on our website. If you have a home studio or wall space, consider displaying your guitar using a guitar hook from Hebikuo or Hercules. If you have a mandolin or banjo, grab the Hercules Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment. For live gigs with more than one guitarist, or if you’re an experimentalist who is switching out differently tuned guitars for different numbers, pick up a stand that can hold up to six guitars or opt for a guitar rack. It will double as a bass guitar stand too.

Adding a guitar stand to your list of equipment is a great addition for so many reasons:

  • Prevents deforming of the neck or string stretching
  • Display your instrument like a piece of art
  • Access to different guitars more quickly
  • Convenience encourages you to play
  • Reduces risk of damage.

In addition to wall hooks and display stands, you’ll find loads of other accessories to keep your guitar well maintained. Pick up a cleaning kit with a soft cloth for polishing your instrument, or stock up on the vitals: strings, straps, cables and cases.

Shop today for free shipping

When you shop with Sky Music and your order totals more than $100, we might waive the shipping fee if your Australian address meets our criteria. We know you’ll be looking forward to receiving your guitar stand, so we’ll try to get it to you within 1-2 business days.

We understand that things don’t always go according to plan: your item might not arrive as expected, or could be damaged in transit. It’s rare but it happens from time to time. Our aim is to fix any problems as fast as possible, so contact us as soon as possible.