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    We have the best electric guitar cases and more

    Your guitar case is the hardest working item in your collection of musical equipment. Being bashed around on the road in the back of a van and shoved into overhead lockers on flights: it’s worth its weight in gold when your guitar arrives unscathed at your destination.

    For that exact reason, our friendly team of experts have pieced together a selection of more than 100 guitar cases for you to choose from to protect your guitar or bass. If that seems overwhelming, give us a call, visit us in-store or drop us a line. We’re here to help you make the important decisions. If you’re shopping for a guitar case online, filter your search by brand and price to narrow down the choices and make your decision more easy.

    Which guitar case offers the best protection?

    When you shop online at Sky Music, you’ll find guitar hard cases that offer more durability, electric guitar cases that are slimline, acoustic guitar cases to accommodate hollow-body models, bass guitar cases and soft guitar cases that are lightweight and padded and these are also known as gig bags.

    Everyone dreams of touring one day, and investing in a guitar hard case will be an important consideration when you actually hit the road. With plush lining and a compartment for picks, straps and strings, the case will become a little home away from home for your instrument. As you’ll be walking through airports and venues with the case, it’s important it reflects your vibe too: take a look at the hardware and choose something that suits your look. Armour’s Slim Acoustic Case has vintage bronze hardware, Martin’s Cabernet Hardshell Case has glossy gold accents.

    Your guitar case has the important job of keeping your instrument in mint condition, so it’s definitely a piece of equipment worth investing in. We believe that so much, we designed our own. The Sky Music Australia gig bag sits alongside options from the best:

    • Jackson
    • Ibanez
    • Gretsch
    • Fender
    • Gibson.

    In addition to the best electric guitar cases, we’ve got the accessories you’ll need to make your practice sessions good, and your live performances great. Visit our accessories page to find picks, straps, capos, strings, stands and more. Tuck extra cables into your case so you’re never caught short.

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    If your instrument needs a little love and attention, we offer guitar restringing, piano tuning, repairs and services. Bookmark our website so you can find out availability for appointments and walk-ins as they become available. We’re open 7 days a week, and our opening hours are available online.