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    Sky Music stocks drum heads for beginners and those played by the greats

    From the most beginner drummer to the professional performer, you’ll quickly discover that drum heads are one of the most significant pieces of equipment affecting your sound. You don’t need a pro drum kit when you’re starting out, but you do need a good drum head set. 

    A lot of this depends on the type of music you want to be playing, and the sound you want to achieve. Ebony drum heads, for example, are best for pop, rock and R&B applications, serving up warmth and clarity with focused mid-range tones and increased attack. You can achieve the look of a calfskin snare drum head with the Evans 20" EQ4 Calftone. The vintage look is met with a warm, full and rich tone. This particular piece is favoured by Nate Smith, Omar Hakim and Jonathan Barber.

    Which drum head is best for my style of playing?

    If you’re a heavy hitter or prefer to use thick drumsticks, we recommend you go for a more durable drum head. What we mean by that is 2-ply constructions that will withstand your best heavy metal, rock and punk efforts, and you’ll need to replace them every six months. 

    If you’re looking for more sustain and projection, try out a thinner drum head. Jazz, swing and easy-going drummers will be better served by clear options that will make your tone brighter  with a lively, harmonically complex character. Save time by picking up a multi pack drum head set such as the Remo Pro Pack, which includes four coated heads in different sizes for a bargain price. Consider customising your kit with the colourful drum heads from Remo: they come in orange, yellow, red, green, blue, smoke, pink and purple.

    The range of drum head stock at Sky Music comes from some of the greatest manufacturers on the planet, including those that are favoured by the best drummers of all time. When you hit these drum skins, you’re on track to play like a pro:

    • Aquarian
    • Evans
    • Ludwig
    • Pearl
    • Remo.

    Whenever you’re playing the drums, you’ll inevitably need more equipment that the average musician. One of the most important things, or at least one that ties for first place with drumsticks, is ear protection. You heard it here first: don’t play without professional ear protection.

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