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    Buying a guitar amplifier online in Melbourne, Australia

    Without an electric guitar amp, all those hours of practicing slides, bends, muting and vibrato will go to waste. You’ve put in the hard work, so it’s time to turn up and rock out. Even as a beginner, it’s important to be able to hear what you’re playing.

    We’ve put filters on our website to make buying a guitar amplifier online, and your search for the holy grail of sound, a whole lot easier. We’ve got electric guitar amps, acoustic guitar amps and bass guitar amps to bring out the best sound from your instrument of choice. Your search can be narrowed down by selecting preferred manufacturers, and managing your budget via the sliding price scale. You can check if the guitar power amplifier of your dreams is in stock, and if it’s not, we’ll order it in. It’ll be worth the wait - we promise.

    Which guitar amplifier produces the best sound?

    It’s the million dollar question: which is the best guitar amplifier for you? This will depend a whole lot on the sound you’re looking for: we have amps that will bring the best out of metal, rock, pop, jazz, blues, rockabilly and every other type of music you can think of.

    Some players swear by tube amplifiers, saying they sound better because of the distortions they’ll add to the music. It produces a more authentic sound for those who are truly tuned in. You’ll hear the term valve amplifier too, and it’s essentially the same thing. What’s important to know is that tube or valve amps are often considered the best for their ability to enhance the finer details in the sound, and pair well with speaker cabinets. The recommended way to understand and discover how you can best amplify your personal sound is to come in and have a jam.

    Shopping for a guitar amplifier online means you can find all the specs you need, and compare them, without leaving the comfort of your couch. We’ve got more than 180 amps in stock from the best manufacturers in the world, including:

    • Fender
    • Marshall
    • Orange
    • Roland
    • Vox.

    We’re loaded with all the accessories you’ll need for your amp, starting with electric guitars and bass guitars, as well as cables from all the top manufacturers for the best quality sound.

    Shop at Sky Music today for free shipping

    When you choose your guitar amplifier from Sky Music and your order comes to more than $100, we might wipe the shipping fee off your bill. Make sure you check with our friendly staff to see if your Australian address qualifies for this perk.

    Once you’ve plugged in and turned up, we’re sure the sound is literally going to be music to your ears. We do understand though that your new rig might not be what you imagined. We’re happy to discuss returns, credit notes and refunds if things aren’t quite right.