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    Snare a snare drum online from Sky Music

    Snare drums are a crucial part of your drum set, used to keep the tempo for a band with its sharp staccato sound. It’s called a snare drum because tucked inside the drum are ‘snares’ made of plastic, metal, nylon or silk, which are responsible for making that distinctive sound. 

    Our inventory includes brass snare drums which have a bright sharp cracking sound. There are vintage-inspired options, such as the Super Ludwig “Super Brass” Snare Drum which was first released in the 1960s and have been modernised for today’s drummer. Aluminium snare drums are the most recorded snare drum type of all time, and are considered a team player in a drum kit for their clear open sound. Pearl’s Dennis Chambers edition is a classic example of an aluminium snare that delivers tonal focus, power, and articulation. The alternative is a copper snare drum, favoured by most hard rock metal drummers.