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    If you’re looking for a brand new 7 string guitar to add to your collection our extensive range of 7 string electric guitars is where it's at! At Sky Music we know guitars, and our collection of 7 string guitars really does have something for everybody no matter what your playing style or preferences are. 

    Our 7 string guitar collection has 7 string electric guitars for newbies and seasoned players alike thanks to our variety of models. We have some of the very best 7 string guitars in Australia, stocking a range of reputable brands that you can always rely on. Every single one of our 7 string guitars in our collection is crafted to give next-level sound quality as well as playability making them the perfect addition to your guitar collection. 

    What Should You Look For When Buying a 7 String Guitar? 

    When you’re shopping for a 7 string guitar, whether it’s your very first or an additional one to add to your collection, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping. You’ll really want to consider factors that will help to enhance your unique playing experience. 

    The best 7 string guitars have the perfect balance of comfort, tonal versatility and overall build quality. Our entire range of 7 string electric guitars meet this criteria so you can make a decision that best reflects you and your playing style. 

    What Else Is On Offer At Sky Music?

    If you’re wanting to expand your collection but you’re not after a 7 string guitar, we have a range of other guitars that may be better for you. Whether you're after a 12 string acoustic guitar, a 5 string bass guitar, a classical guitar or something else we have the perfect thing for musicians everywhere at Sky Music.