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    Sky Music: Your one-stop-shop for buying cymbals online

    The only place to buy cymbals online for your acoustic drum kit is Sky Music’s Cymbal Vault. We’ve set you up for success with filters that will narrow down your search by allowing you to choose the brands you want, the size of the cymbals and a sliding price scale. 

    If you’re a beginner or bedroom basher brushing up before exams or live performances, but are worried about disturbing your neighbours, we recommend picking up a practice kit of cymbals online. The Maxtone Stainless Steel Low Volume Practice Cymbal Set includes five pieces that offer greatly reduced noise with the same feel and sound of real symbols. For cymbals that deliver on stage and in the studio, check out the Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Pack: it covers all the essentials and is ideal for any genre, from jazz and progressive rock to R&B and metal.