Drum Bags and Cases

Protect your precious equipment with drum bags and cases

Some people choose to be drummers, others are naturals. What they both have in common is that when they upgrade to actually playing an acoustic drum kit or an electronic one, they’ll need to protect their investment. Drum bags and cases will keep your expensive equipment in pristine condition.

Drummers have the most equipment to load in and out of live music venues when they’re gigging, or into rehearsal studios. It’s common courtesy that the rest of the band pitches in, unless you’ve hit the big time and have a roadie on the books. No one cares as much about your equipment as you do, so make sure you protect it with the proper gear. We’ve made it as easy as possible, by loading up our inventory onto our website, where you can filter your search for a bass drum bag, electronic drum bags and drum trap cases.

What types of drum bags and cases are available at Sky Music online?

In putting together our collection of protective gear for drums, we’ve tried to cover off as many types of percussion as possible. You’ll find options for bongos, floor toms, snares, tom toms, djembes, bass drums and the all important, and often costly, cymbals. 

Where possible, the bags are fitted with top-handles and easily adjustable straps to make gigging and time on the road that little bit easier. There are hard cases that offer a rigid surface that will sustain the bumps and bruises, and can be personalised with stickers. Durable soft cases are more flexible, and more easily manipulated into cars or overhead lockers. Think about how you’ll be transporting your drum kit, and how often. Every drummer needs a drum stick bag for keeping their weapons, and electronic drum bags are another available option.

When you are choosing which drum bags and cases will best pad and cushion your equipment against the inevitable bumps and drops, you can be sure we’ve stocked the best of the best. You’ll find options from some of the world’s greatest drum manufacturers: 

  • Pearl
  • Zildjian
  • Paiste
  • Sabian

 While drum protection is super important, don’t forget about your ear protection too. As a musician, your hearing is one of your most important assets, and drummers are most in danger of sustaining damage. We’ve got professional ear protection for kids and adults.

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