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  • Boss Katana Range Expands With 3 New Additions!

    Boss Katana Range Expands With 3 New Additions!

    January 13, 2023 2 min read

    BOSS announces three new models in the best-selling lineup of Katana guitar amplifiers.
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    Fender launch the American Vintage II series-Sky Music

    Fender launch the American Vintage II series

    October 12, 2022 1 min read

    Twelve of the most iconic Fender guitar & bass models from the 50s, 60s & 70s, built to original specs. The American Vintage II is here, unchanged to change it all
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    Red Witch Pedals - Brand Overview-Sky Music

    Red Witch Pedals - Brand Overview

    December 09, 2021 1 min read

    By their own admission, Red Witch aim to "inspire the player - sonically and visually" and they're certainly making their mark!
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    Guitar Store Manager
    Aaron is our guitar showroom manager, bringing a love for Gibson to the showroom since joining Sky Music four years ago. Outside of work he likes practicing guitar, playing guitar in bands and enjoys the guitar. His favourite brands are Gibson, Orange and Jackson, and listens to all styles of music as long as it's metal.


    Sales Associate
    Jacob started at Sky a few years after completing work experience. Outside of work he really enjoys sports alongside his music. Jacob rockclimbs, does partners ice skating and dance with close friends and plays rugby on weekends. He's a gymnastics and diving coach who was introduced to music in high school when he started learning tuba and then got hooked onto guitar.


    Sales Associate
    Zach is a singer, songwriter and musician with a penchant for funk, rock and rhythm 'n' blues. He loves his '78 Strat that is used both live and when he's recording, mixing or producing music. He's a big vinyl collector, with a huge collection that's constantly growing! Zach has worked as an engineer and producer, and is highly knowledgeable on recording and producing music.


    Sales Associate
    Steve is a veteran sales person with a penchant for acoustic guitars. He's written, arranged, recorded and mixed a myriad of work for himself as well as others, having also won awards for his songs and their videos. He loves the Beatles, Martins and Matons, and likes to stay up to date with politics and reading.


    Sales Associate
    Katie is a sales associate, who's focused on responding to all your enquiries, questions and phone calls! She's a singer songwriter devoted to Americana and has an obsession with the fashion and music of alt country artists from the 60s and 70s.


    Sound Technician/Sales Associate
    Wihanga is a singer, songwriter and content creator who brings his knowledge to Sky Music as a sound technician. Outside of Sky he’s an recording engineer and plays a lot of acoustic guitar with a particular love for Maton and Takamine guitars. He loves lots of music, with a focus on rock and alternative, but isn’t opposed to pop either! Outside of Sky he enjoys trying out new mic techniques with different mics for recording.


    Sales Associate
    Patty is one part of our team of sales associates - a real team player. Outside of work he loves to play footy, hang with his mates and is studying Primary School education. Inside of work he’s got a lot of knowledge on Fender and their versatility, but mention Gibson and he’ll tell you about his ’61 SG Standard Reissue and his Marshall - a classic tone. Musically he loves alternative rock, hard rock and anything by The Beatles.


    Sales Associate
    Nia is a regular customer turned sales associate with a love for rock, funk, blues, having been influenced by bands like Foo Fighters & the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Her main instrument is the electric guitar, the crown jewel of her collection being her Gibson Firebird. Outside of work, Nia enjoys hanging with mates, going to gigs and doofs, and snowboarding. She’s just completed her Bachelor in Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy.


    Sales Associate
    Shehan, or Shèy, is a multi instrument who can’t be pinned down to one area of Sky. He floats between guitar, drums and the warehouse, thanks to his knowledge of drums, guitar, bass, piano and vocals as a multi instrumentalist. He loves country, rock, pop, reggae, funk and jazz. He’s studying Music and Criminology, and outside of work and uni he enjoys Tae Kwondo and Ultimate Frisbee. He’s a radio host, gigging musician with his trusty Olympic White Pro II Strat and songwriter.


    Drum Manager
    Patrick is our go-to for all things drums and percussion. He started playing drums at the age of 11 months, and picked up everything else along the way. He's sales by day and session musician by night. When he's not at work he's exploring Melbourne's incredible food scene.


    Operations Manager
    Alex leads projects to improve operations here at Sky Music, having found himself invested in anything music related. He’s worked as a roadie and tech professionally, now overseeing tech checks and repairs. He loves The Living End, Frenzal Rhomb, Queens of the Stone Age and plays Gretsch guitars through his Marshall amps, usually with some super high-quality Mogami cables in-between.


    Service Associate
    Irving joins us as a Service Associate, working with repairs, warranties and instrument maintenance. He’s a guitar player mainly, having played for over 10 years, and has been more recently teaching himself how to be a more confident vocalist. Outside of work he can be found working on his friends’ guitars or his own, one of them being his prized Lee Malia Les Paul Custom Artisan. He loves music of all kinds with a focus on composition and production rather than genre per se, and loves landscape photography. Outside of all of that, he loves sour lollies.


    Service Associate
    CJ relocated from New Zealand to join us as a service associate. His role has him overseeing repairs, warranties, and instrument & customer service. He’s been a musician for 14 years and music producer for 10, and can often be found recording and producing music at home, or learning new skills & tricks for his trade. CJ’s current favourite guitar is the Gus G signature model by Jackson, in part to the influence Greek/European heavy metal scene has had on CJ.


    Marketing Manager
    Lachlan is our in-house photographer, manages our socials as well as handling marketing. When not at Sky Music he’s splitting his time between his band, Bad/Love, and his bar, The Black Rabbit. Lachlan is currently using a combination of his Kemper Profiling Rack and Ernie Ball Music Man Stingrays.


    Warehouse & Logistics Manager
    Jack is a singer-songwriter with a love for Americana and folk music. He’s our in-house acoustic aficionado and is particularly passionate about Maton and Martin acoustics as well as Fender and PRS electrics. Outside of work he enjoys watching motorsports, experiencing live music as well as writing and playing music.


    Warehouse Associate
    Ben is a songwriter and producer with an eye for detail, and works in the warehouse checking, packing and shipping your orders. Outside of work he loves to visit the Aquarium and he produces his own music and is moving towards producing music for others, being primarily a drummer & percussionist, but also playing a little keys and some banjo. He loves making music with synthesisers and plugins, with a growing interest in modular and vintage synths.


    eCommerce Associate
    David is part of our eCommerce team, and as a drummer, focuses on uploading new drum products as well as editing the images you see on our website. He handles uploads and website maintenance, with a focus on drums. David records, mixes and produces music for his own band and others, and loves his family, mountain biking and his dogs.


    eCommerce Associate
    Joseph is focused on being a composer for film and music, and a musician and songwriter when he’s not at Sky. He handles uploads and website maintenance, with a focus on guitars, amps and effects. He loves discovering new foods and recipes from all over the world.


    eCommerce Associate
    Rex is part of our online team, dedicated to getting new products on the website, providing specs, images and info about your new purchase! He’s a musician, skater and a husband who listens to indie, alternative, pop-rock and metal music. He’s a guitar player and loves Fender offset guitars and pedals, but he’s especially partial to overdrives and reverbs, as well as the Gretsch Falcon specifically! He loves to watch movies, spend time with his pets, or spends his weekends at the beach or pool!


    Anthony started Sky Music in 1997 selling and repairing pianos and keyboards. He’s a university qualified composer and can play (and repair!) most instruments that we stock at Sky Music, with an interest in classical composers such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Bach to name a few. He enjoys travelling the world, always somewhere new.


    General Manager
    Andrew is General Manager, and oversees the whole store. Outside of work, Andrew loves spending as much time as he can with family, enjoys restaurants and trying new food. He loves Fender guitars, having owned a Japanese Tele Deluxe since high school that remains his go-to. He refers to himself as a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.


    Senior Piano Sales Associate
    Terrence is our piano sales expert, having worked as a professional piano technician and repairer for close to 15 years. Outside of work he's focused on his family.


    Jessica handles our accounting as well as bringing a vast knowledge of keyboards to our keyboard and piano departments. She loves going on food adventures and singing karaoke in the car. Musically she enjoys listening to classical, jazz, hiphop and R&B. Her favourite artist is JSPA.