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  • Buying a drum kit online? You’ve come to the right place.

    Whether you’re picking up the sticks for the first time, or have been a master of the kit for decades, our online drum shop is loaded with equipment favoured by some of the world’s greatest players. Our inventory has been hand-selected to help you be a better player faster.

    When it comes to getting gear, we’re loaded with options for all kinds of players, from jazz and swing to heavy metal and rock drummers. You’ll find electronic drum kits that make practicing in small spaces a lot more realistic, as well as acoustic drum kits for hitting the studio, playing live shows, or practicing in a sound-proofed environment. Any musician worth their salt knows the value of percussion, and how much of a difference you can make with a tambourine, bongos, cajuns, congas, shakers, djembes and as we know, every band needs more cowbell.

    Practicing and gigging: all the drum kit equipment you need

    When you shop the Sky Music drum shop online, you’ll have access to all the greatest brands: Ludwig, Pearl, ProMark, Sabian, Yamaha and Zildjian to name a few. Not only will you find classic kits, you’ll be able to load up on everything you need to be a great drummer.

    You’re never too pro to pick up a set of practice pads from Hebikuo. In fact, many pro drummers use them on the road to warm up and keep their dexterity and timing on point. You can also pick up drum mutes, which are sponge pads for diminishing sound while you hit. A bass drum isn’t complete without a beater, and we have loads in stock to bring out the sound you want. Your snare drum is going to need a stand, throw off and wires. Don’t forget the all important ear protection.

    The best online drum shop is one that can supply you not only with the kit of your dreams, but all the extras you need to practice at home, and perform live. Here you’ll find:
  • Acoustic drum kits
  • Electric drum kits
  • Cymbal Vaults
  • Drum Heads
  • Sticks, Mallets & Brushes
  • Hardware
  • Percussion.

  • Once you’ve put your drum kit together, you’ll need cases and bags to protect the items while they’re in storage or when you’re hitting the road with your band. Sky Music has bags for bass drums, floor toms and cymbals.

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    If you’re a beginner and have questions, or a pro wanting to bounce ideas off our friendly team of experts, head in-store or hit us up via the Live Chat function on our website. You can also drop us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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