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    Sky Music is putting drum hardware in the spotlight

    Here at Sky Music, we recognise that the mighty drum is the heartbeat of any band, group and sometimes, solo performers. They say timing is everything, so when you’re in charge of setting the pulse to which everyone else plays, it’s important to get it right.

    To support that, we’ve put together the best collection of drum hardware in Australia. Drummers are often tucked away on the side of a stage or in a garden shed, but our collection of drum stands and drum parts will make you even more deserving of the spotlight. You can buy your bits and pieces online in our dedicated virtual Drum Shop or head in-store to chat with our friendly team. When you browse on our website, you can narrow down your search with handy filters that enable you to look for snare stands and throw-offs, hi-hat clutches and drum tuners.

    The drum hardware you can’t live without

    Drummers generally speaking have the most equipment to load in and out of rehearsal studios and live-music venues, so we understand the need for light drum hardware. Your drum parts are essential to your set up, and you’ve come to the right place to find it.

    Getting the seating right is key: we all know drummers spend a whole lot of time sitting down. With that in mind, we’ve stocked our Drum Shop with some of the most comfortable and easily adjusted drum chairs from Roland, Pearl and Sonor. If your back is causing problems, pick up a ROC-N-SOC Back Rest for some much needed lumbar support when fitted to any ROC-N-SOC drum stool. Without drum stands, a kit isn’t possible. If you’re building a kit from scratch, you’ll need cymbal stands, hi-hat stands, tom stands, snare stands...the list goes on.

    We’ve selected pieces from the world’s most loved and recognised manufacturers, so you can be sure they’re worth the investment. Don’t worry about blowing your budget. We’ve included a sliding price scale to keep things in check. You’ll find drum hardware from:;

    • Ludwig
    • Mapex
    • Roland
    • Yamaha
    • Pearl.

    Whenever you’re playing live gigs or practicing drums, we’d be at fault if we didn’t remind you to pick up some ear protection. As a musician, your hearing is an essential asset. Our range of products is for adults and kids.

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    For the best range of drum hardware in Australia, contact us via Live Chat online or head in-store for buying advice from our friendly team of professionals. You can also check out our News & Education page to brush up on your knowledge.