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    How important can a guitar pick be?

    If you ask our team of experts how important a guitar pick can be, watch them count the ways. This tiny little triangle has the ability to enhance your playing experience, and improve your tone and feel. It can bring out new sounds, and make the impossible possible.

    With more than 60 options and the option of friendly advice, we’re confident we’re one of the best places to shop for guitar picks in Australia. What we can’t do is tell you right off the bat which is the best guitar pick for you. Until you’ve tried out different sizes, shapes, materials and thicknesses, you won’t know either. In that case, we recommend picking up one of our variety packs that are loaded with the most popular options from the best brands.

    What to look for when choosing a guitar pick

    Playing with a pick as a beginner is a great way to build up your speed and technique. The best sounding guitar picks for beginners will be medium guitar picks with 0.75 mm thickness. As your skill level increases, you’ll develop a feel for picks that enhance your playing.

    If you’re looking for a new challenge or want to increase your repertoire, pick up a thumbpick. A right-hand technique, thumbpicking opens up a whole new world of nuances and tones. It’s mostly used in folk, acoustic blues and country music. Celluloid guitar pick material is stiffer, with a smoother slicker texture compared to nylon, with a natural feel and warm sound. Thin guitar picks are best for strumming lightly, giving a more fluid sound when chords are strummed. If you’re playing a steel string guitar, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you should be playing with a pick.

    Guitar picks come in all shapes and sizes, and materials have improved exponentially over the decades. You’ll find:

    • Ultex, light weight and has a great tone
    • Delrin, just the right amount of flexibility
    • Lexan, providing great strength and durability
    • Tough, sturdy Ultex material
    • Felt, high density wool and cotton material.

    A pro-tip for guitar players is to get the grip on your pick right, and then practice your scales, arpeggios and licks using a metronome. We all know that practice makes perfect, and making a habit of this will improve your speed, timing and accuracy faster.

    Shop today for guitar picks and more

    We know guitar picks are an essential to your playing, and when you need them, you need them now. We also know they have a habit of disappearing. That’s why we make an effort to ship your order to you at your Australian address within 1-2 business days.

    In addition to picks, you’ll find an extensive range of accessories to help you be the best guitar player you can be. We’ve got straps, strings, cases, cables and stands that will help you rock out harder and play better. We’ve also got effects pedals and pickups, so shop today.