Store & Staff Policy

Our staff are highly knowledgeable on our entire range of instruments, amplifiers and accessories. We are working musicians ourselves, we love music in all its forms, genres, time signatures and tempos - and the equipment we sell plays a big part in creating those sounds and our working knowledge helps to guide you in the right direction.


That’s what we’re here to do, we love what we do and we do it professionally. We guide you toward anything and everything you may need, from your dream guitar, or a grand piano to a simple set of drum sticks.


What is not part of the job, however, is dealing with abuse, aggression, or invasion of privacy while we are trying to deliver the best possible service. We have many avenues we use to serve you, from serving you with a smile in-store, our chat function online, our phones on (03) 9546 0188, or via email Conduct that we deem inappropriate through any of these avenues may result in refusal of service. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to:


  • Asking staff for personal information via any avenue including, but not limited to asking for personal phone numbers, photos, personal information
  • Abuse and bullying of any kind including, but not limited to verbal, physical and cyber bullying
  • Physical force used on staff including, but not limited to pushing, shoving, throwing, hitting, and spitting