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    Shop Our Range of Fender Amps Australia 

    When it comes to playing electric guitar, you’re really only going to sound as good as your amp, and if you’re looking for some of the best sound quality in the business, our Fender electric guitar amps are the perfect place to start. 

    Experience tone and sound-quality like no other when you invest in a Fender amp. Whether you’re jamming at home, recording in the studio or performing live our Fender amps are specifically designed for every type of guitarist. 

    Fender is known for creating some of the most iconic guitar amps in the world and at Sky Music we want every single guitarist to experience playing alongside a fender amp. 

    We have a wide selection of Fender amps that help to capture that classic Fender sound whilst incorporating modern features and technology – it really is the best of both worlds! 

    From vintage-esque tube amps to more modern modelling amps, we have the perfect thing to take your sound to the next level. 

    Why Choose Fender Amps? 

    Fender amps are known across the globe, and it’s for a good reason! With warm, rich tones and responsive dynamics, Fender amps are ideal for playing just about any genre you can think of! Whether you’re into playing blues, rock or anything in between, a Fender amp will deliver you the sound you’ve been searching for! 

    Our Fender amps work alongside your fave electric guitar, whether you’re a solid body electric guitar fan or you’re a lover of a 7-string electric guitar, you can trust that a Fender amp will work for you! 

    Why Choose Sky Music? 

    At Sky Music, we know Fender amps, and our online store makes finding your dream Fender guitar amp even easier! With fast shipping across the whole of Australia you can have your Fender guitar amp at your doorstep and ready to go quicksmart!