Fender 68 Custom Twin Reverb – 85W 2X12 Combo Tube Amp

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1968 was a transitional year for Fender amps, with tone that was still pure Fender but a look that was brand new. With a silver-and-turquoise front panel and classy aluminum “drip edge” grille cloth trim, the Twin Reverb received a fresh new face as it remained the backline amp of choice for pros and amateurs everywhere. Clear, deep and powerful, it produced big tube tone, with world-class Fender reverb and vibrato effects. For countless guitarists ever since, the Twin Reverb has been the go-to amp for classic Fender sound.

The ’68 Custom Twin Reverb Amp pays tribute to the classic look, sound and performance of Fender’s late-’60s “silver- face” amps. In a special twist, both channels boast reverb and tremolo, and the “custom” channel has a modified Bassman® tone stack that gives modern players greater tonal flexibility with pedals. The amp also features quicker gain onset and reduced negative feedback for greater touch sensitivity. The ’68 Custom Twin Reverb’s dual 12” Celestion® G12V-70 speak- ers also deliver a more distinctively rock ‘n’ roll flavor.



SKU: 2273003000


Series: Vintage Reissue

Colour: Black

Cover: Included

Type: Tube

Weight and Dimensions:

Height: 19.87" (50.46 cm)

Length: 10.375" (21.9 cm)

Width: 26.5" (67.31 cm)

Weight: 64 lbs. (29 kg)

Power Rating:

Power Handling: 85 Watts into 4 Ohms


Preamp Tubes: 4 X 12AX7, 2 X 12AT7

Power Tubes: 4 X 6L6


Speaker: Two - Two - 12" Celestion® G12V-70


Controls: Normal Channel Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass. Vibrato Channel Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb. Vibrato Speed, Intensity


Unique Features: Modified Twin Reverb all-tube circuitry, shared reverb and tremolo on both channels, “Vintage” channel for traditional silverface tonality, modified “Custom” channel with Bassman tone stack, reduced negative feedback for greater touch sensitivity, hand-wired tube sockets, custom-made Schumacher transformers (like the originals), genuine Fender tube-driven spring reverb, genuine Fender tube-driven tremolo (“vibrato”), 1968-style Silverface aluminum trim around silver-turquoise grille cloth.


Accessories: 2-Button Footswitch Included