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    Got to get you into my life: Percussion instruments from Sky Music

    Percussion instruments are the heartbeat of a musical performance, keeping the rhythm, and adding all-important flair and heightening the excitement. It’s what gets people up off their chairs and onto their feet for hand-waving, hip-shaking dancing. If you’re looking to enhance your live performances, you’re in the right place. 

    The range of percussion instruments at Sky Music has been hand-selected by our professional music-loving staff, to cover all genres. We’ve made it easy to narrow down the search too, when you’re shopping online. You can filter by brand, and we’ve got some of the world’s top manufacturers listed, as well as by instrument. Our sliding price scale will ensure you stay within your budget, and you can also check if the item is in stock to avoid disappointment.

    More Cowbell! The why and how of adding percussion to songs

    Percussion other than your classic drum kit is a way of adding a pop of personality to your music, enlivening it while giving a beat your band members can follow. There’s an incredible number of sounds and instruments to play with, giving your originals an even more unique flavour.

    Drums and percussion instruments are the most expected means of keeping rhythm, and it’s easy to see why: there are so many different tones. A percussion snare drum’s sharp staccato sound is instantly recognisable and carries well. The percussion box drum, or cajon drum, originated in Peru and can be played by hand or with sticks, mallets or brushes. This produces a softer but no less impactful sound. As a musician, it’s tempting to go all in and opt for a percussion drum kit. Your equipment is  arranged on stands and mounts, and yes, you can attach a cowbell.

    When you shop for percussion instruments at Sky Music, you’ll have immediate access to some of the best known names in the business. These are manufacturers who are favoured by the greats and with good reason: the sound quality, materials and longevity.

    • Opus
    • Dixon
    • Pearl
    • Remo
    • Roland
    • Vater.

    Some of the pieces you’ll be playing require hardware, or extra equipment such as stands and sticks. These are easy to come by: simply pop them in your cart as you shop online. We’ve got cymbal stands, pedals for cajons, mounts for congas and more.

    Buy today with advice from our friendly team of experts

    When you buy your percussion instruments online or in-store, you’ll have access to our passionate team of experts who are here to help you achieve the sound you want. Contact us via the Live Chat function on our website, or have a chat with us in-store.

    In the unlikely event that you get your new instrument home, and have a change of heart, let us know. These things are rare, but they do happen from time to time, and we totally get it. Let us know as soon as possible, and check out our Returns policy.