Mesa Boogie


Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head

A New Level of Power Dominance

It’s been over 20 years, two generations of guitarists and several musical trend-cycles since the Dual Rectifier® first unleashed its crushing wall of gain on radio. The Triple Rectifier® takes the world famous platform to a new level of power dominance.

A decade ago both of Mesa's famous Recto®amplifiers underwent a massive facelift that greatly expanded their versatility, moving from 2-Channel amps aimed squarely at high gain only to 3-Channel amps capable of roaming any style confidently. Still delivering the widest, deepest footprint in heavy music, both the Recto® amps now serve a long list of chart-topping devotees both in and outside the world of heavy.

Each channel on the Triple Rectifier features independent wattage controls quickly accessed via the second two-position mini toggle on each of the amp’s three channels. The Recto®’s Multi-Watt™, channel-assignable power amp (Patent 7,602,927) allows each channel to be independently set at 50 or a crushing 150 watts of power. Essentially, you now have the power to harness either 2 or all 6 power tubes to each channel for power ratings of 50 or 150 Watts of class A/B power via the independent 50/150 Watt Power Switches.

Tube complements include 6x6L6 (or 6xEL-34), 5x12AX7 and 3x5U4. Mesa's Bias Select switch (6L6/EL34) offers Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance-free performance.

Mesa have unearthed a lot of secrets in the last two decades, and they’ve used them all in this latest rendering of the Triple Rectifier®. 8 sound modes across 3 channels are now on tap. The improved CLEAN and PUSHED sounds found in the Triple Rectifier's Channel 1 are based on the popular Lone Star® and Mark V® and offer a full-bodied, well-balanced clean signal, a perfect starting point for shaping your ideal clean tone.


  • Wattage - Multi-Watt™ 50 or 150 (Channel Assignable)
  • Preamp Tubes 5x Mesa 12AX7, Power Amp Tubes 6x Mesa 6L6 (or EL-34), Rectifier Tubes 3x Mesa 5U4
  • Mode Voicings styles - Ch. 1 = Clean or Pushed Ch. 2 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain Ch. 3 = Raw, Vintage High Gain or Modern High Gain
  • Footswitch - Included - 3x3 - 6 Button Footswitch (Bottom Row: Ch. 1, Ch. 2 & Ch. 3 - Top Row: Tuner Mute, FX Loop & Solo)







Multi-Watt™ 50 or 150 (Channel Assignable)


1 X 16 Ohm, 1 X 8 Ohm, 2 X 4 Ohm

Preamp Tubes

5 X Mesa 12AX7

Power Tubes

6 X Mesa 6L6 (or EL-34)

Effects Loop

Yes (Fully Buffered Series FX Loop w/Send Level Control - Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or True Bypassable)

Cabinet Construction

Marine Grade, Baltic Birch (Open Back)



Included Accessories

Footswitch: 3x3 - 6 Button Footswitch (Bottom Row: Ch. 1, Ch. 2 & Ch. 3 - Top Row: Tuner Mute, FX Loop & Solo)

Slip Cover: Fitted Slipcover

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