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    Zildjian A Zildjian "The City Pack" - 12" 14" 18"

    The Zildjian City Pack is the perfect combination of sound and practicality. This 4-cymbal set was designed to deliver the legendary Zildjian sound for smaller sized drum kits and percussion set-ups. From apartments to the street musician or anyone gigging with compact set-ups, these smaller sized cymbals are a great alternative, providing a tightly defined, attenuated sound with blended overtones.

    Cymbals included:
    • 12 New Beat HiHats
    • 14 Fast Crash
    • 18 Uptown Ride



    Cymbal Type

    Cymbal Sets

    Metal Type

    B20 Cast Bronze


    12 New Beat HiHats, 14 Fast Crash, 18 Uptown Ride


    Medium 12 HiHats

    Thin 14 Crash

    Medium Weight 18 Ride


    Natural Finish, Traditional

    Sound Character

    Bright, Expressive, Solid Chick HiHats, Medium/Bright Crash, Dark Sounding Ride


    General Volume, Soft and Short Sustain Crash