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    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Kit Shell Pack - Raven Black

    A compact Stage Custom kit using the 100%birch shells that have become synonymous with Yamaha drums. A shallow bass drum measuring 20 x 8 inches supports the bottom-end of the band and keeps the overall setup compact. The floor tom is also equipped with snares to allow for use in a variety of different kinds of music.


    • An all-birch kit from the Stage Custom family
    • Sized for small venues and practice spaces, and is a great on-the-go kit
    • Hip sizes (depth x diameter): 5 x 10 tom, 8 x 13 floor tom, 8 x 20 kick drum, and 5 x 13 snare drum
    • Great for jazz, hip-hop, and light session work
    • Die-cast bass claw hooks with rubber inserts are classy and quiet
    • Remo UT coated batter heads (toms: Ambassador, kick: Powerstroke P3) promise solid tone out of the box
    • Pedal, cymbals, and stands sold separately


    • Birch Shell Pack
    • Raven Black Gloss Finish
    • 5 x 13 Snare
    • 5 x 10 Rack Toms
    • 8 x 13 Floor/Snare
    • 8 x 20 Bass Drum


    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Kit Shell Pack - Raven Black


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