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    Yamaha HS1200D 2-Leg Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand - Direct

    The HS-1200D is a two-legged hi hat with a direct pull drive. The direct pull drive feels gives a strong, even feel all the way through the stroke, great for players that need a strong, powerful hi hat. The HS-1200D has adjustments for spring tension and footboard height, and the narrow footboard makes it easier to fit in multiple pedals. The new cymbal seat has a self-locking angle adjustment and reversible felt/rubber washer. The HS-1200D ships with pull rods of two different lengths so that you can set the cymbal height to fit your style. The locking clutch has also been redesigned with stronger locking rings.


    • New Hi-hat Clutch
    • Longer Rod for higher setting is included
    • Cymbal Angle Adjustment with Self Lock
    • Spring Tension Adjustment
    • Big Rubber Feet and Spikes
    • The New Wider Pedal Design
    • Footboard Angle Adjustment
    • Drum Key Holder