Vater 2B Nylon Tip

Oval tip for greater surface contact. Heavier shoulder and added length for attack & punch. "I have an emotional attachment to my Vater sticks...without them, there is no show!" - Mike Fuentes [Pierce The Veil] "I really enjoy the Vater 2B's because of how strong and durable they are. I tend to hit very hard so I like a pair of sticks that can take plenty of punishment without worrying about them breaking off in my hand every song. I added weight of the sticks helps me to really lay into every hit and make sure that I get the most out of each drum." - Chris Vest [Framing Hanley] "Vater 2B's are where it's at. I'm pleased to have found such a brave and resolute stick." - Miles Morris [Bad Suns]

Length 16 1/4" | 41.27cm

Grip 0.635" | 1.61cm