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    TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader Pedal

    The Impulse IR Loader pedal will make the complexity of working with impulse response files disappear. 
    Simply drag and drop your IRs over USB or use the dedicated IR organiser for PC and Mac and let the Impulse IR Loader take care of the rest.

    • Cab sim and IR loader with 25 built-in IR and 74 empty slots for loading your own
    • Pre-loaded with 12 of the most popular Celestion speaker cab IRs
    • Transform your pedalboard into a DI ready guitar rig with 8 TC Electronic Pedal Platform IR. 
    • 5 acoustic guitar IR to transform your piezo pickup from dull to full 
    • Super-simple controls - output level, next IR, previous IR – that’s it!
    • Global compensation EQ with low shelf and high-frequency filter for easy integration with different setups
    • A/B mode lets you instantly toggle between 2 different IRs in real-time via the footswitch.

    TC Electronic Impulse IR Loader Pedal


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