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    Sonor AQ2 Series Bop 4-Piece Shell Pack - Titanium Quartz

    Sonor AQ2 drum sets are made from 7-ply maple (3 plies of Chinese maple interwoven with 4 plies of Canadian maple) to give you rich, warm sounds across the entire kit. Advancements in shell hardware technology included in the AQ2 ensure that your set-up time is as quick and easy as possible, without compromising any of the sound.

    Each tom comes equipped with Sonor's SmartMount system, which attaches the mount to the tom lugs rather than the tom itself. This means there is no extraneous drilling into the tom or direct metal-to-wood contact, allowing your drums to ring true.

    Each drum also comes with Sonor's redesigned lug system, which includes a tune safe to keep your drums in tune longer than those with traditional lugs. Rubber inserts under each bass drum tuning claw ensure than your bass drum hoop stays as good as new during travel.


    • Pro maple shells are focused and musical
    • Die-cast lugs are durable and distinctly Sonor
    • Balances tone, response, control, and portability
    • SmartMount tom mount maximizes resonance and sustain
    • Shells (depth x diameter): 8 x 12 tom, 13 x 14 floor tom, 14 x 18 bass drum, 6 x 14 snare
    • Suited for acid jazz to modern rock


    • Shell Hardware Finish: Chrome Plated
    • Configuration: With Bass Drum Bracket
    • Series: AQ2
    • Shell Material: Maple
    • Item Description: AQ2 Bop Set
    • Bass Drum: 18 x 14 WM
    • Snare Drum: 14 x 6
    • Tom Tom: 12 x 8
    • Floor Tom: 14 x 13
    • Tom Holder
    (No additional hardware or cymbals included)

    Sonor AQ2 Series Bop 4-Piece Shell Pack - Titanium Quartz


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