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    Pearl Roadshow Junior 5-Piece Drum Kit Pack with Hardware & Cymbals - Wine Red

    Regardless of when your rhythmic journey starts, Pearl’s Roadshow Jr. is a drum set scaled for smaller players. It includes everything you need to get on the road to drumming greatness.

    Roadshow Jr. follows in the footsteps of Pearl’s Roadshow series for beginning drummers. This is not merely a toy made to look like a drum set.

    The Roadshow Jr. is an all-in-one five piece kit featuring hardware, cymbals, and sturdy White Poplar shell construction for an exceptional, tuneable, and powerful playing experience.

    The package includes a 16”x10” bass drum, 13”x8” floor tom, 10”x5.5 and 8”x5” toms, 12”x4” snare drum, bass drum pedal, snare, cymbal, hi-hat stands, 13” crash, and 10” hi-hat metal cymbal set. Second-rate gear only makes the drumming journey harder. 

    Here are some things to look for when buying your first drum kit. See for yourself how Roadshow Jr. stacks up!


    • 6-ply Poplar Shells
    • Fully adjustable Cymbal, Hi-Hat, and Snare Drum Stands
    • Dual-Point Cast Tuning Lugs
    • Smooth White Tom Heads
    • Coated Snare Drum Head
    • Bass Drum Heads w/ Self-Muffling Rings
    • Matching Wood Snare Drum
    • 13 Crash Cymbal
    • 10 Hi-Hat Cymbals
    • Drumsticks Included