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    Pearl Roadshow Junior 5-Piece Drum Kit Pack with Hardware & Cymbals - Grindstone Sparkle

    Following in the footsteps of Pearl Roadshow series for beginning drummers, the all new Roadshow Jr. is a complete drum set package scaled-down to best fit children 10 years old and under. The Pearl Roadshow Jr. is an all-in-one five piece drum kit featuring hardware, cymbals, and sturdy White Poplar shell construction for an exceptional, tuneable, powerful playing experience.


    The Roadshow Jr. beginner drum set includes a small 16”x10” bass drum, a 13”x8” floor tom, 10”x5.5 and 8”x5” toms, a 12”x4” snare drum, bass drum pedal, snare, cymbal, and hi-hat stands, and a 13” crash and 10” hi-hat metal cymbal set. 


    • Pearl Roadshow Jr. drum set features 6-ply Poplar drum shells, molded to create a single air resonance chamber for pure note projection when the drum head is struck. The hand-cut 45° bearing edges of the Roadshow Jr. ensures exceptional drum head contact.
    • The snare drum is the voice of the drum set, and Roadshow Jr. small drum kit features a powerful 12”x4” model with similar specifications to Pearl’s popular Short Fuse auxiliary snare for professional players.
    • The bass drum is the tonal heartbeat of the drum set and the foundation for the rest of the complete drum set-up. The Pearl Roadshow Jr. small size kick drum includes locking, adjustable feet (or ‘spurs’), and secure mounting for toms and accessories.
    • Pearl Roadshow Jr. drum kit includes a cymbal set which features a 13” crash and a set of 10” hi-hat cymbals. Great for accents and timekeeping until an upgraded cymbal set-up is acquired.
    • Cymbal, hi-hat, and snare drum stands should start with a strong and well-balanced tripod base. Pearl Roadshow JR includes a hardware package scaled to the reachable -and portable- needs of the smaller player without sacrificing quality. All stands are height and angle adjustable, and the included bass drum pedal features a smooth chain drive for fast, accurate play.






    Shell 6 ply White Poplar Shells
    Snare Matching Wood Snare Drum
    Finish Two Durable Covered Finishes
    Heads 1 Ply Coated Snare Drum Head, Smooth White Tom Heads, Clear Bass Drum Heads w/ Self-Muffling Rings
    Lugs Dual-Point Cast Tuning Lugs
    Cymbals 13 Crash Cymbal, 10 Hi-Hat Cymbals


    Pearl Roadshow Junior 5-Piece Drum Kit Pack with Hardware & Cymbals - Grindstone Sparkle


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