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    Pearl P-931 Double Pedal conversion Kit for P-930

    Pearl’s P-930 merges many of the advanced features of our Flagship Demon Drive with our Award winning Eliminator line to create a bass drum pedal never before available in this price range.

    High end performance inspired from our Demon Drive like the longboard footboard, Control Core beater and our Click-Lock spring tension keepers combine with our PowerShifter and Eliminator style cam technology that uses our Perfect Circle cam with a removable Orange Progressive Cam for fully tunable performance and lightning speed and control.

    If you want fast feet and you’re on a budget, step up to Pearl’s P-930 - the ultimate pedal.

      Our Control Core Beater utilizes our Control Core elastomer center to minimize vibration. It features 2 unique striking surfaces, a slightly rounded felt and a slightly convex hard plastic surface.

      Our PowerShifter function provides 2 positions to fine tune the power and feel of the pedal. By moving the footboard forward or back, you change the chain angle, thus changing the leverage to create a light, or strong feel.


      • The P-930 pedal is included as an upgrade in the 830 Series hardware pack and comes with Export and Export Lacquer drum sets.
      • The Orange Progressive Cam can be removed to reveal the Perfect Circle for further tunability to match your playing style. U.S. Patent #6172291
      • Click-Lock spring tension maintains perfect tension gig after gig. Set it and forget it. U.S. Patent #7754953