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    Pearl CHB-75CA Bass Drum Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder

    Pearl's Bass Drum Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder lets you mount a cymbal to your bass drum without additional brackets or shell modification. Its finish-saving hoop clamp attaches your cymbal of choice directly to the bass drum at any point of the front or batter side hoop.

    The included arm is height and angle adjustable and features a Uni-Lock gearless tilter, insuring your cymbal is securely in the perfect position. Excellent for classic looks and increased cymbal function without adding to your hardware load.

    Classic looks and function without drilling into your bass drum. Expand your cymbal set-up without added stands.


    • Clamp Type: Bass Drum Hoop
    • Tilter: Uni-Lock Gearless
    • Angle Adjustment: Forward/Back Side/Side Tilt
    • Cymbal Nut: Threaded Nylon
    • Height: 330mm to 468mm from the mount

    Pearl CHB-75CA Bass Drum Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder


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