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    Pearl 14”x 8" Hybrid Exotic Snare Drum - Kapur w/ Fibreglass inner

    Pearl Hybrid Exotic Kapur/Fiberglass snare drums blend the warmer properties of its 6-ply shell with the bright, controlled frequencies of a thin layer of hand-applied Fiberglass. The resulting shell produces rich, warm stick definition with added crack and projection.

    Available in three sizes, Kapur/Fiberglass snares are available in (#308) Ebony Lacquer w/Pearloid Inlay. All Hybrid Exotic Snare Drums are equipped with Pearl’s acclaimed SuperHoop II hoops, STL-100 lugs, SR-1000 strainer, Coated Remo Ambassador batter head, and Spin-Tight Tension Rods.

    To maintain tuning tension across the batter head, all Hybrid Exotic snare drums feature Pearl’s new Spin-Tight Tension Rods. This elegantly simple innovation creates a tension rod-within-a-tension rod, that allows the rod to expand and lock into place within the swivel nut. Utilizing a special drum key, tunings can be controlled under high-impact play like never before. (Patent Pending)


    • 14x8 6-ply 7.5mm Kapur w/ Inner Fiberglass layer Shell
    • #308 Ebony Lacquer w/ Pearl Inlay
    • SuperHoop II Hoops
    • STL-100 chrome Lugs
    • Coated Remo Ambassador Heads
    • SPT-5047 Spin-Tight Tension Rods
    • SR-1000 Glide Lock Strainer
    • SN-1420D Snares

    Pearl 14”x 8" Hybrid Exotic Snare Drum - Kapur w/ Fibreglass inner


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