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    PDP Chad Smith 14"x6" Acrylic Signature Snare Drum

    The Chad Smith Signature Clear Acrylic Snare Drum was designed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer to create a powerful, cutting snare drum suitable for any venue size. This drum can offer bite or warmth, with a wide tuning range to top it off.

    The acrylic is completely seamless, meaning the solid acrylic resonates evenly across the whole shell. This is what helps contribute to the powerful projection and clear punch. DW True Hoop counterhoops let the drum breath, meaning you'll get all the sound the drum has to offer.

    The MAG Throw-Off has a smooth action that holds your snares secure but releases quickly, so you can swap at the drop of a hat. This is the perfect drum for any sort of loud or heavier playing, and the wide tuning range means it's versatile. The clear acrylic is a great look for any kind of drum set, and with other acrylic drums, this is an instrument you can't pass up.


    • Seamless Acrylic Shell
    • Powerful Projection
    • MAG Throw-Off
    • True Hoop Counterhoops
    • See-Through Design