Marshall 1960B – 300W 4X12 Straight Extension Cabinet

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The 1960B cabinet has a straight front. This means that all four speakers face out in the same direction, which gives the 300 Watt 1960B a more focused sound. Because the 1960B isn’t angled, it has a larger cabinet which has a lower resonant frequency. The effect of this is that the 1960B produces a slightly thicker sound.
The focused sound and enhanced lower mids of the 1960B make it a favourite of many professional players. Together, the 1960A and the 1960B make the revolutionary and iconic Marshall stack.

Model: 1960B
Weight (Kg): 37
Dimensions in mm (W X H X D): 770 X 755 X 365

Wattage: 300W
Inputs: 2

Size: 4X12
Output Power: 75W Each
Name: Celestion G12T-75
Impedance: 16/4Ohm Mono, 8Ohm Stereo