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    Ludwig 110th Anniversary Classic Maple KIT - Emerald Green Ripple with Brass HW - 13, 16, 22

    Created as part of a lineup of products celebrating Ludwig's 110th anniversary, this Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 3-piece shell pack is outfitted in vintage Emerald Pearl, one of Ludwigs most elusive drum wrap finishes. Emerald Pearl was part of the first lineup of wraps offered by Ludwig in 1927 and quickly discontinued in 1929, meaning very few drums were produced with that wrap. The ones that remain are considered a Holy Grail among vintage drum collectors.

    Like many old cellulose wraps, remaining examples of Emerald Pearl today show signs of aging and yellow-out. Ludwig came to admire the look of these genuine vintage examples so much so that they made the attempt to recreate a more vintage version of the finish for this limited 110th anniversary edition. In addition to precise Pantone color direction, Ludwig employed Jumbo Pearl Flake to fashion the pearl wrap as close to the original as possible.

    To complete the theme, these outfits feature brass-plated hardware: lugs, tensions rods, brackets, legs, spurs, memory locks and single-flanged hoops.  Each shell pack comes complete with Ludwig's 110th Anniversary badge and Certificate of Authenticity.

    Lastly, the sound: this special outfit has been applied to Ludwig's 7-ply Classic Maple shells, designed for versatility and sensitivity, and shaped into vintage sizes including a shallow bass drum and a large, unmounted rack tom.

    Production is limited to 75 shell packs and 75 matching snare drums.


    • 3-piece shell pack with bass drum, rack tom and floor tom
    • Reproduced vintage Emerald Pearl wrap finish
    • Brass-plated hardware, including legs, lugs, claws and hoops
    • 7-ply maple shells with 45 bearing edge
    • 110th Anniversary embossed badge
    • Production limited to 75 shell packs
    • Matching snare drum sold separately, also limited to 75


    Ludwig 110th Anniversary Classic Maple KIT - Emerald Green Ripple with Brass HW - 13, 16, 22


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