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    Morley Volume Commander Pedal

    For musicians looking for the most flexibility and control over their sound, the Volume Commander is a cutting-edge multi-effects pedal. Without changing your current setup, you may generate bespoke tones with this unique pedal that works with any instrument, pedal, amp, or virtual instrument.

    Pick between bright and warm tones, three volume settings, and three low cut filters: none, fine, and deep. These configurations can be combined to create a wide range of tones to accommodate any kind of music. For a clear, expressive sound perfect for funk guitar, dial in a bright tone at medium volume and use the tiny low cut filter. For a subdued, ambient effect ideal for atmospheric piano pads, choose the deep low cut, warm tone, and lowest volume.

    The Volume Commander has a rugged metal chassis and true bypass switching for a lifetime of durability and reliability. When not engaged, it passes your signal through completely unchanged, ensuring transparent tone and zero noise interference.


    • 2 footswitchable channels with volume knobs ranging from 0 to unity gain
    • Each channel includes a 2-position Tone switch and a 3-stage Low Cut switch
    • Channels can be used both independently and simultaneously
    • True-bypass switching doesn't color your tone when the pedal is disengaged
    • Adds 3 more channels to a 1-channel guitar amplifier
    • Also works with instruments, pedals, and studio gear
    • Per-channel LED indicators
    • Ultra-rugged cold-rolled steel enclosure