Krank REV SST Amplifier Head


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The Krank Rev SST 200W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head is an ultra-powerful, clean, and very loud beast. You get 200W of usable power at 4 ohms and great tones at an affordable price. An innovative concept in hybrid tube/solid state amps, the Rev SST has an all-tube high-gain preamp and Class D MOSFET power amp section. In fact, it's the same type of power used in high-end car stereo amps. The footswitchable 2-channel Krank Rev SST head has the same killer features Kranks are known for, with the Krank channel containing 2 master volumes, 3-band EQ, sweep and gain, and a "Kleen" channel featuring a volume and 3-band EQ. Players who love that bouncy, compressed feel will find the hybrid Rev SST 200W amp head just downright fun to play with both the high-gain and clean sounds clear and distinct.