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    Zoom B6 Bass Effects & Amp Simulator

    The Zoom B6 Bass Effects & Amp Simulator for bass players.

    With four DI models and advanced multi-effects, the B6 gives you freedom to explore entirely new sounds. Their new analog circuit, combined with the DI section vastly improves the low-frequencies of your instrument, with an 88.2 kHz effects processor, double the rate of others, the B6 has your high end covered.


    • 4 DI models: 2 tube and 2 solid state models
    • Integrated A/B switcher for seamless instrument switching
    • Ultimate Zoom FX processor technology with amp modeling
    • Integrated pedal board with 9 stomp switches
    • IR load function for speaker cabinet simulation
    • 4.3˝ color LCD touch-screen interface
    • Chain up to 6 effects (including amp emulation)
    • Two variable-impedance inputs for electric and acoustic bass
    • New Play Mode Footswitch provides instant access to different play modes
    • Easy-to-see backlit panel with color-coded stomp effects
    • Built-in USB audio interface (2-in / 2-out)
    • Rhythm patterns and looper
    • Compatible with Zoom Guitar Lab
    • Wireless control via optional Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1) with Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app
    • Accessibility functionality for the visually impaired with Handy Guitar Lab for B6 app

    Zoom B6 Bass Effects & Amp Simulator


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