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  • SD265A

    Yamaha SD265A 14"x5.5" Stage Custom Steel Snare Drum

    The Yamaha Stage Custom Steel Snare Drum is a loud, punchy snare drum with powerful highs and an intense projection. It's made of solid steel, which results in a loud sound that is a staple of metal drums.


    • 1.0mm Chrome-Plated Steel Shell
    • Bright, Loud Sound
    • Triple-Flanged Hoops
    • 45-Degree Bearing Edge
    • 20-Strand Snare Wires
    • Good for Heavier Genres


    • 14x5.5
    • 1.0mm Chrome Plated Steel Shell
    • DC Type Butt Side, B-9 type Side Strainer
    • REMO UT Snare Drumheads
    • 20 Strand / High Carbon Steel / Belt Regular Snare Wires
    • 1.8 mm Snare Bed
    • 1.5 mm Triple Flange Hoop