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    RTOM 10/12/14/16/22" Mesh Head Pack LVMHKIT

    Mesh with the best! Similar to comparable mesh heads, LV Mesh Heads replace your existing acoustic heads to allow for low-volume drumming. But that’s where the similarities end. LV Mesh Heads feature a specially designed sound patch at the center of the head, which enhances the realism of the response and provides a more audible attack. And, like the Black Hole Practice System, their heavy-duty mesh material offers unparalleled durability.

    LV Mesh Heads are an exceptional option for drummers on a budget who want to outfit their entire kit with a high-quality, low-volume practice solution.


    • Low-volume practice, not silent Practice. Because who enjoys silent practice?
    • A specially-designed sound patch for a more realistic response and more audible attack.
    • Heavy-duty, durable mesh heads
    • Available in sizes 8″ – 22″ or a five-pack bundle (10”, 12”,14”,16” & 22”)

    RTOM 10/12/14/16/22" Mesh Head Pack LVMHKIT


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