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    Protection Racket 12" x 8" Egg Shaped Tom Case


    All our tom cases are a highly practical 'Egg' shape. Designed to improve packing and guaranteeing a perfect tailored fit for toms with or without suspension mounts.

    16 sizes available from 8” - 16” and now featuring an improved clearer labelling system making drum identification simpler. Designed to significantly improve fit and reduce cases of misidentification, helps speed up packing and unpacking as well as assisting drummers to know exactly what they have and where it is. The main silicone label on each case now clearly states the type of drum and size it's designed to carry and protect, for instance TOM, 12” x 9”. This information is now larger and easier to read. The label continues to feature the iconic PR man.

    The Protection Racket 12 x 8 Tom case Rims has internal dimensions 15 x 14 x 9 to accept all drums fixtures and fittings. Egg shaped to accept Toms fitted both with and without RIMS/suspension mount. Egg shaped to accept Toms fitted both with and without RIMS/suspension mount.

    When it comes to construction of our cases, there is no compromise in material quality. A lot of thought, experience and rigorous testing go into every case. From concept to design to production can take up to 18 months and every case is put through its paces by Team Protection Racket. By the time it’s reached the store, we have 100% confidence in its performance.  For design, quality, reliability, choice and confidence, nothing comes close.


    • 600 Denier polyester outer.  Hardwearing and waterproof
    • 8mm Bini combination foam core. 3mm hard on the outside for extra protection, 5mm softer inner for shock absorbency
    • Non abrasive synthetic fleece interior for smooth protection and cleaning  of drum in transit
    • Highest quality YKK zip and nickel plated stainless steel zip pulls
    • Comfortable foam/neoprene carry handle
    • Silicone luggage tag with identity card
    • Silicone size label showing case drum size