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    Prologix VST Training Series 6" Compact Double-sided Practice Pads - 2 Pack

    Two dual-sided practice pads, totaling four variant playing surfaces, designed to optimize your practice regimen on the road, backstage, or in your home studio.

    Enhance your practice experience with the Prologix VST Training Series. Variant Surface Technology (VST) is designed to provide different levels of rebound, volume, and resistance. The VST series will increase your stamina, build strength, and develop dexterity.


    • (2) dual-sided, 6 playing surfaces.
    • Pad 1 features a Green Logix and Blackout combo.
    • Pad 2 features a Red Storm and Blue Lightning combo.
    • High-quality Baltic birch bases for durability and tone.
    • American made.