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    Mooer The Varimolo

    The Mooer MEP-VM Varimolo micro effects pedal packs an incredibly BIG sound into a very small package.

    The Varimolo is a psychedelic digital tremolo pedal for guitarists. From the 60s hippies' love and peace, to the small pub blues and to the wild and unyielding indie rock, you can find this effects' presence through countless classic albums.

    The Varimolo features three tremolo modes:

    • NORMAL: A classic tremolo sound
    • FILTER: A tremolo effect like an autowah effect
    • VARIABLE: A tremolo effect which has rhythmic variations.

    By using the latest digital technology and excellent circuit design, the Varimolo greatly reduces the noise generated by the traditional analogue tremolo pedals. With true bypass design, you can put it into your effect chain and need not worry about any signal loss.


    • 3 modes: Normal, Filter, Variable
    • Control Knob 1: Adjusts speed or sensitivity of effect
    • Control Knob 2: Adjusts level or tone of sound
    • Depth Knob: Adjusts depth of modulation effects
    • The pedal switching is True Bypass, so the sonic integrity of your instrument is never lost.
    • Rugged full metal casing and quality switching in a small and exquisite design.
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 93.5 x 42 x 52 mm