Marshall JVM205C - 50W 2x12 Combo

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The British-built, 50 Watt all-valve 2 x 12″ JVM205C offers a more straightforward two channel preamp, Clean/Crunch and Overdrive, than the JVM410C’s four channels, for guitarists who prefer a more stripped down, ‘fewer frills’ approach. The two independent channels both have three modes. Each mode reconfigures the gain structure of each channel, making six modes in total, which can take you from ‘Plexi’/JTM45 cleans through JCM800 roar to modern high gain tones.

The JVM205C is equipped with the same groundbreaking technology as its big brother, the JVM410C, featuring two studio quality Reverbs (one per channel), with individual channel EQ, two Master Volumes, and a memory that will recall you Reverb, FX Loop and Master settings.

The JVM205C uses Stompware switching technology and comes supplied with a fully programmable, four-button footswitch which connects to the amp using a standard guitar lead, so you’re not restricted by stage size – and if your cable fails, it’s very easy to replace: “Clever, very clever.” – Guitar Player Magazine.

The JVM205C is loaded with a 12″ Vintage 30 speaker and a 12″ Heritage speaker, both of which have unique aural characteristics, and combined give you the best of both sonic worlds.

Product Specs:

Model - JVM205C
Range - JVM2
Technology - Valve
Channels - 2
Master Volume - Yes X 2

Wattage - 50W
Inputs - 1 X (+Midi)
Controls - (Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble) X 2, Reverb X 2, Channel Select X 2, Presence, Resonance, FX Loop, Footswitch/Programme

Size: 2X12
Output Power (Each) - 70W
Name - 1 X Vintage 30, 1 X Heritage
Impedance (Each) - 16Ohm

Preamp Valves - 4 X ECC83
Power Amp Valves - 1 X ECC83, 2 X EL34

Footswitch - PEDL-91006 Included (4 Way Foot Controller)
Cables - Power

Weight - 29.5kg
Width -  690mm
Height - 510mm
Depth - 265mm