Marshall 2536 Silver Jubilee – 140W 2X12 Horizontal Extension Cabinet

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Loaded with just two Celestion G12 Vintage speakers, the 2536 makes great sense if you want the classic Marshall sound and look, but have restricted space – whether that’s on stage or in your project studio. It pairs well with Marshall’s smaller heads, like the 2525H Mini Jubilee, or DSL15H, and makes for a striking alternative to a 2 x 12″ combo.
The 2536 differs from the 1936 only by its speakers; it’s loaded with Celestion G12 Vintage speakers. The result is a creamier higher-end response, which sounds slightly warmer than the Celestion G12T-75s used in the 1936. The 2536 can be used in mono or stereo mode, without the need to switch.
Model: 2536
Weight (Kg): 24.6
Dimensions in mm (W X H X D): 740 X 600 X 305

Wattage: 140W
Inputs: 2

Size: 2X12
Output Power: 70W Each
Name: Celestion G12T Vintage
Impedance: 8 Ohm Mono, 16 Ohm Stereo