Marshall 1960TV 4 x 12 Tall Vintage Cabinet

SKU: 70/MC-1960TV

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Indulge in the blues with the 4x12”, 100w mono 1960TV. This cabinet excels in both style and substance with a vintage fret and Celestion G12M-25 Greenback speakers. The overall tone is softer than the 1960A while staying true to that 60’s sound.

Intelligent design – this cabinet is deliberately taller than the 1960A/B to give a lower mid-range response. The fret is also the perfect density for taming some of those upper mids.

Key Features: 

Outstanding tone –
The Celestion Greenback speakers articulate your unique style and adds warmth to your sound while maintaining just the right amount of punch. This is perfect for blues players.

Stunning looks –
There’s no denying the vintage beauty of this cabinet with its gold logo, gold piping and retro fret.

Product Specs: 

Model - 1960TV
Inputs - 1
Speaker configuration - 4x12"
Power handling - 100w
Speaker model - 4 x Celestion G12M-25 (16Ω, 25w)
Unit impedance - 16Ω
Dust cover - M-COVR-00011 (sold separately)
Weight - 39 kg / 86 lbs
Width - 770 mm / 30.3"
Height - 820 mm / 32.3"
Depth - 365 mm / 14.4"