Marshall 1960AHW – 120W 4X12 Angled Extension Cabinet

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The 1960AWH captures the spirit of the ’60s. Wired by hand, this 120 Watt heritage cab matches perfectly with the Handwired 1959HW head. It’s loaded with re-issue Celestion G12H-30 speakers. The 1960AWH and 1960BWH are faithful recreations of the cabs that were an integral part of that legendary ’60s Marshall sound.
With bags of tight lower-end frequencies, whether angled or straight, these cabs pack a mid-range punch with brilliant highs. The ‘salt ‘n’ pepper’ grill cloth gives the 1960AWH and 1960BWH that authentic vintage look.

Model: 1960AHW
Weight (Kg): 36.4
Dimensions in mm (W X H X D): 770 X 775 X 365

Wattage: 120W
Inputs: 1

Size: 4X12
Output Power: 30W Each
Name: Celestion G12H -