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    Mapex SF1000 Falcon 1000 Series Snare Stand

    Falcon is a complete line of pro-level hardware with the features and conveniences needed by pros in the studio, on tour, or in the woodshed. The snare stand is all about simplicity of adjustment and position.


    • The basket is centered directly over the stand base to improve the balance of heavier drums and to allow unobstructed positioning of the feet between the pedals.
    • The adjustable base height allows the entire center tube and basket to drop down fully, providing room for the added height of deeper snares.
    • The high-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes for rugs or mats stop the stand from shifting around during aggressive play.


    • Centered Omni-Ball Snare Basket
    • Base Height Adjustment increases height range to accommodate all snare drum depths.
    • High-Friction Rubber Feet with Retractable Spikes

    Mapex SF1000 Falcon 1000 Series Snare Stand


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