Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb 14"x6" 9mm Cherry Snare Drum

The Cherry Bomb 14" and 13" Snares are a re-imagined and optimised version of the original Cherry Bomb snare. The Design Lab Cherry Bomb is crafted with a medium-thick Cherry-wood shell. The soft density of Cherry absorbs higher overtones, delivering a warm, focused tone and a punchy back-beat. It sounds and feels vintage but is built with modern precision, reliability and function.

- The softer Cherry shell produces a pre-EQ'd sound with strong response in the 400-600 Hz range for strong low-end, but with a boost in the 5-7 kHz range to enhance attack, delivering a vintage tone for classic and alt-rock styles.
- The SONIClear Bearing Edge is standard on all Black Panther Design Lab Shells and allows the drum-head to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a clearer fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range
- Design Lab Snares feature Puresound Custom Series 16-Strand wires. The wires are medium-gauged evenly spaced standard coils, providing an even balance between snare response and shell sound.
- The Cylinder-Drive Strainer and Butt-End Adjuster use a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation. The adjustment dial employs "micro-lock" technology that provides precise control and prevents the snare wires from loosening during play.

- 14"X6"
- Cherry Shell
- 8-ply 9mm Cherry
- Dual Air Vents
- Natural Satin SAS Finish
- Chrome Hardware
- 45° SONIClear™ Batter and Snare Side Bearing Edges (both with ⅜" Rounded Back-Cuts)
- 2.7mm Deep x 5.5" Width Tapered Snare Beds
- Sonic Saver 10-Lug Hoops in Chrome Finish
- Puresound Custom Series 16-Strand Stainless Steel Coils with Copper End-Plates
- Remo Ambassador X Batter & Remo Clear Ambassador Snare Side