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    Ernie Ball E2922 - M-Steel Slinky 9-46 Electric Guitar Strings | Guitar Strings | P02922

    The loudest, most expressive strings ever created providing increased output, frequency response, and strength. M-Steel, short for Maraging Steel, is a superalloy used in high stress applications for the aerospace and defense industries. The wound strings are comprised of a patented Super Cobalt alloy wrapped around a Maraging steel hex core wire, producing a richer and fuller tone with powerful low end response. M-Steel plain strings are comprised of a specially tempered steel for maximum fatigue resistance. A patented winding of steel around the ball end of the plain strings reduces slippage, breakage and stays in tune better than conventional plain strings. Hybrid Slinky electric strings are a perfect match for those who like the ability to combine the combination of Super and Regular Slinkys sets. Gauges .09, .011,.016, .026, .036, .046